Geotech & Construction

Geotechnical Investigations

Site investigations for the purpose of defining; soil / rock type, soil / rock strength, moisture content, slip planes, etc. These investigations assist in the engineering design of bridges, roads, mine planning, building foundations, slip stabilization, etc. Drill Force offer a number of drilling rigs suitable for drilling investigation wells from 500m depth. The drilling of these wells usually also involves insitu testing, such as Standard Penetrometer testing, Shear Vane testing, Permeability testing, etc. Sampling methods include; open barrel, Auger, continuous wire line coring, push tubes, etc.

Environmental Investigations

Site investigations for the purpose of sampling for environmental contaminants. This is usually undertaken at currently or vacated industrial sites such as service stations, chemical works and refuse dumps. Monitoring wells and other instrumentation can be installed at the same time.

Instrumentation Installation

Many investigation and observation wells have the requirement for instrumentation to be installed during the completion phase. This may include monitoring wells, inclometers, piezometers, pressure transducers, extensometer, sampling pumps, etc. Drill Force can supply and install instrumentation to your specification and have successfully completed complex installations to depths greater than 450m.

Hydrological Investigations

Hydrological investigations may be required to determine the potential yield of a water well through to and including formation permeability testing for coal seam gas extraction. Testing methods may include pump testing and stepped pressure testing using inflatable down hole packers to isolate test zones. Drill Force have a number of test pumps and other hydrological test equipment available.

Construction & Special Projects

Drill Force have the unique ability to be able to engineer solutions for difficult access and "out of the norm" type construction projects such as mini piles within existing structures, limited access and large diameter soil/rock anchors and deep horizontal drainage networks, to name a few. If required Drill Force purpose build or modify existing equipment to suit a particular problem.