Down Hole Camera

Drill Force own and operate a state of the art down hole camera to undertake high resolution well inspections and survey.  The unit is capable of recording all video inspections of bores to determine current bore conditions, verify bore construction details and determine whether preventative maintenance of the bore / well and is available to the client if requested.

This down-hole camera has an  automated control system which allows full control of the camera head, from vertical down to 90 degrees horizontal, and full 360 degree rotation for either down-hole or side-view video profiles. The camera has effective survey capabilities for wells ranging from 2 inch up to 14 inch in diameter.

Camera capability is as follows:

  • Verification of new bore construction details
  • Inspections of existing bores to determine conditions and/or maintenance requirements
  • Locating lost tools or broken drilling equipment in the well
  • Casing and perforation inspections
  • QA/QC