Our Team

We have secured by scrupulous selection what we consider the industry's best drillers in today’s competitive drilling market.

This will allow us to provide only experienced and industry proven drillers and support staff to your projects.

Drill Force will only provide suitably experienced and trained personnel to your sites and projects including field staff and management with current IADC Well Cap well control certificates for all situations where there is a potential to be drilling into an over pressure formation such as Coal Seam Gas and Geothermal drilling projects. Drill Force, with the assistance of MITO, are currently up-skilling staff through their drilling certificate levels.

With modern equipment, a New Zealand focused management team, experienced field staff, along with the "hands on" knowledge and experience to "think outside of the square" (thus the ability to assist with well and project design), we will provide you with a cost competitive Quality and Service orientated drilling solution.


Image of Zane Brown

Zane Brown

Operations Manager (Water)

Zane is a 5th generation driller and a former shareholder of Drillwell Exploration. The son of Martyn Brown (founder of Drillwell Exploration) and whether he wanted to or not, has been involved in the drilling industry since birth.
Zane has a construction background which compliments his strong knowledge of the New Zealand drilling industry and in particular, the water well and geotech markets.

Zane also holds a prestigious position as an elected Council Member of the New Zealand Drillers Federation (NZDF).

Image of Bruce Mc Keown

Bruce Mc Keown

Operations Manager (Energy)

Bruce has a strong engineering and drilling services-related background, which compliments his current role as an Operations Manager in the energy, construction and special projects market sectors of Drill Force’s business.

Bruce, who also started his drilling career with Drillwell Exploration, has held management roles with an international drilling services company.

Image of Ryan Tidswell

Ryan Tidswell

Project Manager (Geotech)

Ryan has over 15 years experience in the drilling industry within New Zealand. Ryan commenced his drilling career as a geotechnical driller and worked in the industry for 6 years prior to taking a year off to study geology at the University of Auckland. In 2012 Ryan joined Drill Force as the project manager for the geotechnical division, he is responsible for the day to day operations of the geotechnical division of the company. Ryan has a wide range of experience in the geotechnical drilling field ranging from narrow access sites to large complex drilling projects.

Senior Drillers / Supervisors

Image of Phillip Van Houtte

Phillip Van Houtte

Within his drilling career Phil has gained considerable drilling knowledge and experience whilst working for companies such as Drillwell Exploration. This experience and knowledge is invaluable in all of the drilling markets that we currently operate within. Phil is well respected by clients due to his dedication and “make it happen” attitude.

Image of Chad Brown

Chad Brown

Chad is a 5th generation driller and son of Len Brown (founder of Drillwell Exploration) thus whether he wanted to or not, has been involved in the drilling industry since birth.

Chad has an engineering background which compliments his drilling knowledge of the New Zealand drilling industry and in particular the Water Well, Geotech, Seismic and CBM markets. Chad has an easy going pleasant supervisory manner that is appreciated by both drill crews and clients alike.