Coal Seam Gas (CSG) or Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

Drill Force has worked closely with the market leaders within New Zealand with regards to both coal seam gas and underground coal gasification for a number of years. During this time we have successfully drilled exploration, monitoring, production and disposal wells within this market segment  to depths of ~1,000m and most recently using our built to order special purpose D.S.M. Mayhew SD54M, Range lll capable drilling rig. This drilling rig is of a single load type and is road legal without over weight permits, CSG compliant and is crewed by IADC Well Cap trained personnel.

Oil & Gas, Pre-collar and Surface Casing Setting

Drill Force offer, using their Range III capable D.S.M. Mayhew SD54M drilling rig, oil and gas well pre-collar and surface casing setting services. Some of the advantages of using Drill Force for this process are;

  • We do not require third party services to run and handle range III casing.
  • We own casing handling equipment from 7" to 13-3/8".
  • You minimise the overall time frame that a higher capacity rig is required on site.


Drill Force personnel have successfully drilled investigation, monitoring and heat source wells within known geothermally active areas within the North Island of New Zealand. When necessary, Drill Force can supply a ticketed Geothermal Bore Manager to oversee drilling activities.

Shallow Gas

There are a number of "shallow plays" within New Zealand that have been deemed in the past uneconomical to produce from, due to the perceived drilling cost involved. With the importation of our NEW D.S.M. Mayhew SD54M drilling rig the New Zealand Oil and Gas sector have an alternative to the componentized large capacity rigs currently in the country.