About Us


Drillwell established

  • Established in 1974 by Martyn Brown, Len Bown Senior and Len Brown Junior
  • All shareholders of Drill Force New Zealand worked within the Drillwell business


Drillwell sold to Boart Longyear

  • Zane Brown - Project Manager for Water, Geotechnical and Environmental
  • Bruce Mc Keown - Business Unit Manager - New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Energy Project Manager
  • Majority of Drill Force shareholders and directors worked within the Boart Longyear New Zealand business

2008 - March

Drill Force NZ formed

  • New diversified drilling contracting company formed, Drill Force New Zealand Ltd
  • Directors and shareholders
    • Marty Brown
    • Zane Brown
    • Bruce Mc Keown
    • Chad Brown
    • Phil Van Houtte

2013 - March

Drill Force acquisition of BLNZ assets

  • Drill Force New Zealand acquired Boart Longyear New Zealand's Water-well, Geotechnical, Environmental and Energy assets.
  • Drill Force moved into 9 Rawson Way in Takanini, Auckland
  • 30+ drilling rig fleet and support equipment
  • Drilling records database from 1974 through to current

Introducing Drill Force, A New Zealand Owned specialist drilling company.

Drill Force was established in early 2008, by a small group of motivated, working investors who were disappointed with the deteriorating skills and equipment levels then commercially available in New Zealand. We were convinced that there was an opportunity for a diversified, quality and client focused drilling services company to enter the New Zealand market and as a result, purchased several modern multipurpose drilling rigs which we combined with extremely experienced staff and a solution orientated management team.

Drill Force management have a  combined 100 year+  drilling industry experience, including drilling services management and ownership. Along with a drilling heritage of 5 generations, this experience has been gained through the roots of the Drill Force team being owners, managers, supervisors and drillers of the industry recognised and respected former Drillwell Exploration New Zealand.  With this experience and a diverse market knowledge and understanding of New Zealand’s unique geological nature, we have already achieved an extensive and satisfied client base in the Water Well, Geotechnical, Environmental, Construction, Seismic, Exploration, Coal and CBM markets and can provide referee or testimonial details if required.

For your drilling related projects, Drill Force offer our most experienced field crew, our newest, purpose built drilling and support equipment, and cost saving methodology to ensure project completion on time and on budget.

Drill Force are current financial members of the New Zealand Drillers Federation (NZDF) and New Zealand Geotechnical Society, with one of its Directors (Zane Brown) holding a prestigious position as an elected Council Member of the NZDF.

Drill Force is committed to providing cost effective solutions for our clients.

Image of Drill Force history