Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of our staff and all other stakeholders as well as the preservation of the Environment of which we work in is a key focus to Drill Force.

 We understand that to be considered for selection as a contractor by an organisation such as yours we must have legislatively up to date and accurate Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety policies and systems in place.

Drill Force’s practical and meaningful policies and systems are enforced, monitored and modified as parameters and situations change.  All QHSE documentation has been created on proven industry and client accepted templates, are continuously audited and improved through the input of staff, the management team and external qualified consultants. Our standard work procedures are comprehensive yet provide practical support for our field staff and our management systems are based on the internationally accepted AS/NZS ISO9001 framework.

Drill Force NZ Limited will take all practicable steps to manage the health and safety of its staff, its contractors its customers and the environment. To achieve this outcome we will follow the following philosophy.

  • All employees, both management and workers are responsible for reducing accidents and eliminating hazards which may cause injury, illness or property damage.
  • Drill Force NZ Limited management team is committed to providing a safe environment at all work locations which comply with safety legislation and the Company’s standards
  • All sub-contractors will attend Safety, Health and Environment inductions so that they are fully aware of the work standards and workplace hazards  Our policy is to be proactive in the safe and early return of injured employees through follow up workplace assessments
  • Drill Force NZ Limited is committed to providing resources and staff which will be trained in the safe operating procedures for machinery and tasks to manage its Safety, Health and Environment management system.
  • Management and Supervisors are accountable for safety within their areas including Hazard Identification, Accident Reporting, Recording, Investigation, Accident Prevention and Training for Emergencies / Evacuation. When undertaking an accident, investigation, hazard or near miss report Drill Force NZ will encourage a no blame approach to facilitate open disclosure.
Image of Drill Force Staffs taking test
Image of Drill Force Staffs going through procedure
  • Workers and Contractors are accountable for ensuring safe practices are maintained and safety rules are adhered to.
  • That every staff member has the right to stop a job to ensure safety for themselves, for other people in the workplace and for environmental reasons.
  • Workers are equally responsible for identifying potential / unsafe practices. These can be reported through the Health and Safety Representative and / or person with Health and Safety responsibilities.
  • In the event of accidents Drill Force NZ will Endeavour to get staff back into the workforce as soon as possible. If the employee can be gainfully employed on alternative type duties during the rehabilitation period every effort will be made to accommodate this. We will work with ACC to achieve a safe return to work.
  • In conclusion we are committed to maintaining and improving safety management. We encourage this through joint participation between management, all employees, clients and contractors uphold current Safety, Health and Environment policies as contained in Drill Force NZ Limited Safety, Health and Environmental Management System. Any other relevant policies, codes of practice or principal HS systems that apply to Drill Force NZ Limited operations.

Drill Force are committed to ongoing  Drilling Industry Training to NZQA Unit Standards

Health & Safety Certifications & Qualifications

Safety Case Certification – Major Hazard Facilities