Shale Gas Exploration / Evaluation Well

Location : Masterton, New Zealand

This well was drilled using a full above ground closed circuit solids control system including two shakers and one centrifuge.  A modified 6m long PQ wire-line coring system was used to recover the specifically targeted zones.  A second existing well within the same lease was also worked using the DSM Mayhew Rig #1 prior to its release.

Crew : IADC Well Cap trained and certified drillers and management

Diameter TD : 159mm (6-1/4")

Site Access : Approximately 2km off sealed road along farm type tracks

Drilling Method : Rotary wash drill with PQ (83mm diameter) core samples at specific targeted depths

Conductor Casing : 9-5/8"

Surface Casing : 7"

Well Control :
11" 3000psi Annular BOP
11" 3000psi Double ram BOP
11" 3000psi Drilling spool, inc Kill and Choke line valves
station Well control system with remote driller's panel, Electric and Air charged
3" Choke Manifold
Poor-boy Degasser