Coal Seam Gas Evaluation Well

Location : Whangamomona, Taranaki

This particular well location presented a logistical challenge from the get go. Due to the steepness, narrowness and tightness of the formed and unformed roads into the site and others within the project.

The well was drilled with a full BOP stack in place for well control and TD'd approximately 10% deeper than planned. The rig (#1) didn't falter and still had surplus capacity in the 8-1/2" hole at TD. The same rig ran the 1100m+ string of Range III, 7" OD casing without assistance or external casing crews. The drill crew demonstrated a professional attitude even in the adverse weather conditions experienced during the drilling, running of casing and completion periods.

Depth : 1,135m

Drilling Method : Rotary wash drill

Equipment : 378

Number of Wells : 1 of 11 in project