RIG #5 - Cortech YDX 1800A, Hydraulic, Top Drive Diamond Drilling Rig

Manufactured in/by: Cortech Drilling Equipment Ltd

  • High capacity compact crawler track mounted high speed coring rig, with wash drilling and coring capabilities of up to 1,800m depth.
  • Fitted as standard with engine air start, engine exhaust spark arrester, engine air intake shut-off, well appointed air operated emergency stops and emergency shutdown system for working in flammable gaseous environments.
  • Low ground pressure steel crawler tracks iwth bolt on rubber pads (for working / walking on sealed surfaces without pavement damage).
  • Maximum climbing angle of 30 degrees
  • Mast is of a square tubular lattice design (12m in length and can be folded to reduce transport length).
  • 3,500m of head travel
  • Angle capable from 45 to 90 degrees assisted by dump feature on mast to keep base of mast as close to G/L as practical (1,200mm of dump stroke available).
  • On board hydraulically operated mud pump and provision for "plug-in" high volume and pressure mud pumps and compressors.
  • Standard 1-1/2" (38mm) watercourse high speed swivel and optional (in stock) 3" (76mm) high pressure, high volume swivel when "plug-in" air or mud is used.
  • 41,580lb pull back (18,900kg)
  • Main hoist 29,700lb (13,500kg) pull, at 51m / min
  • Wire line hoist 2,425lb pull, at 110m / min, 2,000m capacity
  • Rated at 1,200m HQ (3-1/2" OD drill pipe) and 1,800m NQ (2-7/8" OD drill pipe)
  • Powered by 179Kw (239hp) Cummins 6 cyl diesel engine
  • Ability to pull drill pipe and stand in 9m lengths.