RIG #48 - Versa-Drill V100NG

  • This powerful low tare weight 40,000lb class rig is suited to large diameter "wash" drill holes as well as deep wire line cored "exploration" holes. The rig is mounted on a low tare weight all wheel drive carrier with high flotation low ground pressure tyres.
  • Mounting Peterbilt Model 348 6x6 (all wheel drive) chassis
    GVWR 54,600 lbs
    Cummins (350HP)
  • Dimensions
    Overall length: 40' (12,19m)
    Overall height: Derrick up - 45' (13.72m)
    Derrick down - 12'8" (3.86m)
    Overall width: 8' (2,440mm) with standard wheels
    9'4" (2,850mm) with high flotation low ground pressure tyres
  • Main winch 18,000 lbs single line pull configured to be "two lined" (36,000lb hook load).
  • Wire-line / sand-line winch 4,000lbs single line pull 2,500' capacity
  • DHD lubricator 7-gallon capacity (removable)
  • Mud pump Gardner Denver 5-1/2 x 8 duplex piston type hydraulic driven
  • Water injection / coring pump FMC bean pump 25 GPM capacity
  • Tool boxes - large tool box under deck, tool box mounted on deck behind right side of cab
  • Feed system (patented) cylinder feed through gear track design. Pullback 40,000lbs. Pull-down 18,000lbs. Travel speed up 0 to 300'/min. Down 0 to 261'/min. Drill feed 29'/min.
  • Derrick, 10"x16" tubular Derrick construction with 40' overall length, 26' top head travel 55,000lbs rating (no Derrick crown load).
  • Transfer case single output, full power transfer case road / PTO shift from truck cab.
  • Hydraulics mounted on 2 hole gear box, truck engine / transfer case powered feed, winch, auxilliary and set-up functions are powered by 2 axial piston load sense pumps.
    Rotation is a closed loop circuit powered by a variable displacement piston pump.
    Cooling hydraulic oil cooler mounted on deck.
  • Feed system (patented) hydraulic cylinder / sliding gear track design, provides tremendous power (40,000lbs pullback), requiring less maintenance than conventional system with chains and sprockets or cables and sheaves.
  • Top head drive A variable 2-speed / torque, floating head provides smooth operation and helps the operator recognise specific formations while drilling. Top head hydraulically slides to the side, (off hole) for convenience of setting casing up to Range 2 length (34', 10.36m).
    Top head rotation 2 motor combination (2 option) planetary / spur gear
    4 speeds / torques
    0 to 172 rpm, 52,000 ft lbs torque
    0 to 230 rpm, 39,000 ft lbs. torque
    0 to 221 rpm, 4,379 ft lbs. torque
    0 to 500 rpm, 1,938 ft lbs torque
  • Leveling Jacks
    2 front-mounted 36" stroke leveling jacks and.
    2 rear-mounted 36" stoke leveling jacks with independent controls
  • Split centraliser table centraliser base plate is split in half, rear half retracts hydraulically, and the front half swings out to accommodate casing and tools. Also includes an air-operated drill pipe holding wrench and hydraulic breakout wrench.
  • Controls left hand mounted, functionally grouped gauges and controls with twin fold-up platforms.