RIG #3 - Schramm T300M, 6 x 6 All Wheel Drive, Multipurpose Hydraulic Top Drive Drilling Rig

Manufactured in/by: Schramm Inc, West Chester, PA 19380 USA

  • The Schramm T300M Rotadrill is a compact, manoeuverable, top head drive, truck mounted drill designed to drill up to 12 inch (305 mm) diameter holes using mud rotary methods with rig mounted mud pumps and hollow stem augers, and air rotary and DTH hammer techniques using remote located air compressors. The truck engine provides reliable power for all hydraulic, mud and air systems. Rugged top head drive rotation and efficient pipe handling mean high productivity on the job site, more time spent drilling.
  • 22,000 lbs pullup
  • 14” table opening
  • PTO driven from truck engine
  • On board 5 x 6 duplex mud pump
  • 223 fpm (67.9 mpm) pullup speed
  • MAST, rectangular steel tube, all welded box beam. 26’ 9” (8.15 m) OA length, 23’ 6” (7.2 m) head travel
  • Main hoist, planetary with spring applied hydraulic release brake. 7,600 lb (3,447 kg) bare drum line pull 197 fpm (60.0 mpm) bare drum line speed.
  • Wire line hoist 24,25lb pull, at 110m / min, 1,500m capacity
  • 10 pipe lazy susan carousel
  • Jib boom
  • TOP HEAD ROTATION, single reduction oil bath gearbox with dual heavy duty, single speed, disc valve type motors operating in high or low speed. The system provides infinitely variable rotation speed. The top head hydraulically slides off hole for casing handling by wireline. 2-11/16” (68.3 mm) diameter spindle thru hole. 38,000 in-lb (4,293 N.m) @ 0-106 max. torque. 0-212 @ 29,000 in.-lb. (3,277 N.m) max. rpm