RIG #1 - D.S.M. Mayhew SD/HD54M Heavy Duty Drilling Rig

Manufactured in/by: Austin Texas, USA

  • 18.3m long tubular tapered lattice design, Range III Mast (capable of handling and running Range III casing) with a conservatively rated 75,000lb dynamic hook load rating (set up for 3-1/2” upset tool jointed or 4-1/2” flush tool jointed 17lb/ft drill pipe).
  • Stacked drum draw works with 23,000lb single line bare drum pull (Kelly block and Auxiliary block capable of running 6 working lines). Load cells and weight indicator on both lines (calibrated and certified).
  • Bailing / sand reel winch with 1,000m of 8mm cable
  • Racking board (for vertically racking drill pipe)
  • Hydraulically operated pull down system
  • Hydraulic hold back / auto driller rated for maximum hook load
  • Break out tongs, spinning chain and casing spinner as standard rig tools
  • Onboard 5-1/2” x 8” duplex mud pump
  • Plug in Gardner Denver model T.H.E. Triplex mud pump (max volume 462gpm @300spm and max pressure 1557psi @50spm)
  • 3” stand pipe, swivel and plumbing
  • Up to 30” clear opening with rotary table retracted
  • Truck mounted on New Zealand road legal special purpose 5 axle Isuzu 400hp carrier
  • Low ground pressure with less than 1,500kg per rear tyre and less than 1,350kg per super single front tyre (equivalent area).