RIG #15 - Mayhew 1000, Heavy Duty Table Drive Drilling Rig

Manufactured in/by: Mayhew Inc, Dallas, Texas, USA

  • The Mayhew 1000 is a compact, manoeuverable, low tare weight, rotary table drive, 6 x 4 truck mounted rig designed to drill up to 8 inch (203 mm) diameter holes using mud rotary drilling methods with rig mounted high volume positive displacement mud pumps and air rotary and DTH hammer techniques using remote located air compressors. The carrier engine provides reliable power for all hydraulic, mechanical and mud systems. Rugged, reliable mechanical rotary and winch drive systems allow for efficient pipe handling and high rotational torque abilities.
  • Truck mounted on a 6 x 4 International carrier, with low tare weight, differential cross locks, aggressive dual tandem mud lug type drive tyres and super single type front tyres for low ground pressure and additional flotation.
  • PTO driven from truck engine
  • On board 5 x 6 duplex mud pump high volume wash drilling pump
  • 20,000lb dynamic mast capacity
  • Direct driven from 146kw 6 cylinder diesel carrier engine
  • Mast, fully welded round tubular steel 10m long lattice type structure with 5m of Kelly travel
  • Main winch, mechanical with twin disc CL-311 clutch and 180 sq-in of net braking area. Single line performance of 10,000lb bare drum line pull, currently configured in a three line set up.
  • On board drilling tubular carrying capacity