Cone Penetration Test (CPT)

Geomil GME-500 IP65 data-acquisition system:

$ Analog Channelseight (8)
$ Digital channelsfour (4)

Geomil GS10CFIIP, Five (5) Channel Subtraction Cone:

Channel 1:

FieldCone Resistance
Range0 to 100kN
Ac1000 mm2
Zero load reading181mV

Channel 2:

FieldLocal sleeve friction (fs)
Range0 to 100kN
Ac15,000 mm2
Zero load reading160mV
Offset80 nm

Channel 3:

FieldPore pressure (u)
Range0 to 50bar
Zero load reading240mV

Channel 4:

FieldInclination X
Range-20o to 20o

Channel 5:

FieldInclination Y
Range-20o to 20o